Healthy Indoor Paint

We pride ourselves in using the utmost best quality in all our materials. Why neglect the rest of the walls and ceilings that require an even layer of colour? Our latex paints are perfect for indooir and outdoor use, all are water soluble, entirely odourless, super-washable, excellent abrasion resistance, UV stable and easy and quick to apply. 

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Custom Finishes

We pride ourselves in being able to work with you to create a custom finish unique to your project. We value your creative ideas and will tirelessy work to create a finish fit for your project. All our finishes are created by hand and colours are tinted in our Studio in Hong Kong, therefore changes can be made within a short time frame. 

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Special Finishes

Our big range of special finishes are not only aethetically pleasing to the eye but can be applied by YOUR very own team. We understand the clients need of flexibility in terms of material and budget and have now offered a service of selling material only. We offer application training and ongoing support if needed. 

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Canvas Artwork

Our canvas artworks are tailored made for you to fit in to your interior space. Simply let us know what material, colour, design and effect you wish to achieve and leave it to our artists to bring it to life. 

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Would like and artwork but in a much grander scale? Our artist have worked on numerous projects on and off site to deliver feature artowrks to numerous locations. You might even find yourself walking past or sitting next to one.. 

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Metal Surfaces

Made of 98% real metal, this IS metal. Having all the same charakteristics metal can now be applied on curved and organic shapes and is not only limited to flat surfaces. This unique product can be applied on any interior and exterior surface in many different metal colours and textures. 

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Artistic Wall fabrics

An excellent solution for wall, Artolis can be plain or printed, acoustic or with lighting and with a small thickness it is very well suited for walls. The mechanical strength of their fabric frame allows better restistance to shocks, impacts and other friction exerted on walls. It's great width, covers the wall without any any joints. 

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01campione liscio (1)

Our resin collection are great for any environment whether it be for a bathroom walls or it be for flooring in high traffic areas such as shops, show-rooms, apartments and offices. Some of the chracteristics are: self levelling, non yellowing, tintable to all RAL colours, washable, resistant to mechanical stain, etc. 

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Luminous Light Installations

A collection designed by the renowned designer Ross Lovegrove, creating organic shapes using stretch membranes, he has pushed lighting installations to a new limit. Design your very own unique light installation for your project by working with us to create the right shape,colour, mood lighting options, etc. 

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