Who We Are

At ArteMural , we do anything but ordinary. Whether through the talent of our team or through the concepts we develop, our compnay ethos always remains the same - professional commitment, utmost integrity, efficiency and uncompromising passion for long lasting quality.


We understand, that our clients require the highest level of detail and quality in their tailor made projects. Our highly qualified and skilled team take great pride in delivering, to our clients, a level of finish that is artistically inspiring, aesthetically exciting and highly functional. Our trademark is our culture of excellence and commitment to produce the highest grade of workmanship that exceeds the highest of expectations. 


Using ArteMural materials means that the boldest and truly one of a kind interior and exterior design concepts can be realized. ArteMural's work can be used in commerical buildings, exhibition events, public spaces, hospitality spaces and even your own home. Forget about the limits of what can be done with interior and exterior finishes, use your imagination and see the impact our materials can bring. 

What We Do

ArteMural is committed to the creation of attractive and innovative interior design finishes, art works and art installations. This is through intensive collaboration with clients, architects and designers in conjunction with the application skills of our master craftsmen.

We provide unique solutions to the broadest range of projects that are both practical and visually appealing. ArteMural uses high quality European products that are safe and environmentally friendly, which are then tailored to each specific projects aesthetic needs and budget requirements.


What Makes Us Different 

Our enthusiasm and commitment to getting to know our clients and their business prior to project realization is critical to our success. 

We recognize that clients have different needs and we are committed to going ‘the extra mile’ to understand what they are, in order to achieve and indeed surpass their aspirations. 

We take great pride in ensuring that every sample is custom made, this is made possible in that we tint our colour ourselves and hand make all our textures in our Studio in Hong Kong, which also enables us to respond quickly to any changes. 

We are imaginative in our approach and always up to date with cutting edge products and solutions in our respective industry. 

We use non-toxic and water soluble products, however once dry most become durable, scratch and moisture resistant, washable surfaces making it the perfect choice for all hospitality spaces.